Thursday, 2 August 2012

What matters?

I work in a very casual environment. We have a few consultants and reception people who dress immaculately, of course the Execs too. However,everyone else is free to dress as they will. This innocent freedom given to us by my employer has unleashed a polar fleece monster upon us!

 I get it,we all have our own prefered,comfy preferances. Some people are jeans people, some are stilletto people, I don't believe trainers should be worn anywhere but at the gym by anyone over 21. (If you do, you're lazy...and your feet probably hate you).
When I ask such people why they don't make an effort in their dress code,they say they have more important things to do with their lives. Fair enough...but it still doesn't make mean-more important than how you present yourself in public?

What kind of a message are you sending out to kids? To adults too? That you don't care? How come you own mirrors then? And why do you bother trying on clothes at the shop if you really don't care?
Why not ask the Polar fleece company to drop off 20 puke green polar fleece tops,size 38 (even though you're a 32). That's the other thing that sucks, these polar fleece monstertjies are not fat! They shouyld be fat! Mos they don't care.

Ok, so we're on earth with a mission from God right? And we must share this word with are you gonna do that if you have dog hair on your polar fleece top? Don't embarass yourself maan.
I think women should take care of themselves and stop being lazy and blaming - not being girly.
I know someone who definately isn't girly but she takes very good care of herself. She wears nice sensible dresses, nice shoes, knows her body type, keeps her hair done and looks after her nails.
I HATE chipped nail polish! So so much. I make sure mine's done all the time. I once bought this Yardley nail polish and it chipped everyday. I got so upset I called Yardley and complained. They sent me 12 bottles :):):)
Ever seen a sistah who's making it rain? Sistah who looks purrrfect. Designer clothes,perfect makeup...Then you at her hands and find sistah has chipped nailpolish. What an anti-climax. (@GlenLewisSA says you can't say 'climax' without smiling, I just did)
It looks like you were fighting a rock sistah, and you won! It looks like you don't  like herself, like you only look nice today cos you're going out. Otherwise you are a very non-clean person you yourself.

My mother once opened my door while I was poepdronk. I'd gotten home at about 7am from some party. She looked at me, shook her head and said 'nwananga, difareleni' (My child, forgive yourself). I burst out laughing. But now I see the pure love and caring and truth in what she was saying. When you don't treat yourself good, it might come across as self punishment you know. Like you're not taking  care of yourself to teach yourself a lesson. How can I trust you clean your couches if you don't clean your nails? (Ok,that doesn't make sense...but do you get me?)
The point I'm making should matter. Really! Its traumatic to see someone openly showing the world your self loathe. Its really not nice. God gave you life and a body and nice nails to celebrate. Why are you not decorating the temple of God that is your body? But you are number one to put those draping things at every table at church. Then basela with plastic flowers with wire things inside. ( Basela means 'cherry on top').
Ladies, let's make an effort. You watch tv, you see how people go to work on Isidingo, Generations, CSI, movies. Those are normal people like you and I wearing normal clothes from normal stores. (I'm never gonna say normal again after this)
Pick your style, know your body, look presentable. Sometimes its noce to be complemented on a bit more than your personality. :)

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