Friday, 3 August 2012

Team South Africa shall show em!!!

I am sooo happy SA is doing so well in the 2012 Olympics! I don't realllyy watch sport...ok,I don't...ever. Buuut, I always find the #LondonOlympics2012 and pretty much know how we are doing. Each win is such a proud moment for all South Africans.
I think the rest of the world thinks we're stupid. Like a whole country of idiots, comic relief for them. I mean, the stuff that goes international about our country is ridiculous guys. Especially the political stuff!!! Tjoooo!*bbmcantwatch*
How are they going to read about Khanyi Dlomo (watshernewsurname?) when Juju is busy saying something ridiculous on the side and some other embarassing thing about the President is being paraded?
So our olympians are showing these people that we aren't dom neh. You must know!
Go Team South Africa!

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