Sunday, 19 August 2012

DSTV - soo many repeats!

I'm a very girly-girl. I love romantic comedies, lifestyle shows, seeing home designs etc. My DSTV Premium package is unfortunately diasppointing me,and just when I think it can't be worse-it does. Scarily horrible I think.
How is it possible,that both MM1 and MM2 could be playing action/sci-fi movies that while appealing to some females, are mostly for male viewers? Men have a gazzillion channels dedicated to them. Goodness,I have about 8 SS channels which I NEVER turn on. Add ESPN and all the other sport things, wow, that's half the Premium package! 101 always has some series that I generally have no time to watch the previous 5 seasons on laptop before catching up. 103-104 - some Crime Action Horror Repeat movie. Turn to 105 and heeeyy, a comedy that was once your favourite but you now hate cos its in yer face err weekend! 107 well, lets not say much...Daddy's Little Girls and Babay Mama. You know, I refused to watch that one. I felt it was a subtle middle-finger sign from DSTV to the paying viewer. Really??? 124 will have the Kardashians or Ice&Coco ALL THE TIME. 

 I then go to 183 in the hope of something fresh, new styles perhaps, a new season of How do I look? Nooo, its The Amandas marathon,followed by the 8th repeat of Big, Rich Texas or Jerseyliscious. DSTV repeats made me hate it too. OMG! Isn't there better channels or shows to cater for the girly-girl that doesn't need to see an episode 18 times to know what happened? I understand that most people believe ladies like me, who squeel louder when their nail polish chips than when they see a rat...I lie-same decibels...but I mean, I dnt need to see Jeannie dressing the girl with blue hair anymore, I promise :(. I got the look. Let's move on. All DSTV channels remind me of SABC 1, Yama Repeat. What sucks is that I don't even have an alternative. I should just sit and wait for a nice movie or non-dirty comedy comes on. Like, Home Improvement? Really?THAT many times? Is it the channel that comes with the show? Eish, complex tingz I guess. Otherwise I wouldn't be paying so much for what I'm exposed to. I don't think anyone would wish such torture on someone who pays them as diligently as I do DSTV. Do you think DSTV holds surveys across its subscribers before picking channels or shows to air?  I wish to be part of that survey. I hardly watch TV cos there never is anything worth watching, thank goodness for diverse DMX channels. At some point I went to the half boquet since 180-186 are there anyway. I cringed even as I wrote this. Its ...wats the word...ummm...bone-shakingly-scary-disreespecful-unfair??? What they do. Its like they just throw whatever, mxm, they couldn't be bothered. We'll keep them cos what's the alternative? Top TV? So its a The Amandas (repeats) marathon, followed by a How Do I look repeat marathon. (Ok, I'm guilty of watching this over and over...but not cos I wanna...its just for me better than everything else)
I'm a 28 year old woman who lives alone and likes to be indoors a lot. I am part of your young, hip, up-to-date, romantic, daring subscriber. I am adult enough to want to watch doccies about South Africa, a bit of new Drama, Thrillers that tickle my brain.

 When I take my tv on, I wanna be dazzled by new options, not scroll thru for 15-20 minutes deciding what repeat show I'd easiest stomach. That, depresses me.
I wish they had a chick-flick channel...with girly comedies-The Middle, Modern Family...Two Broke Girls, y'know...then a girl can always be assured of a nice laugh after a hectic day. Home Improvement thou? Haaai guys, please rethink that show. That 70's show can move to that old movies channel too(ST Universal or summin or KYKNet...taking Northern Exposure with it. Yeahh...That would do it. Ok, its not about my likes only. But I don't know anyone who likes Home Improvement, I swear.

These people should rethink this mara. mxm. ok. That's my vent.

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