Tuesday, 21 August 2012

So you expect the President to live like you?Why?

Today's big story - President Zuma may cost SA R500 Million in 5 years. My reaction - 'Oh, ok'.
Why is the President's costs under scrutiny?He's the bladdy president,you don't expect him to live like you and I now do you? The President says he has sleepless nights about the poor in our country, maybe he does...most people, especially those that are worked up by this story may not agree...but, unless one is that position, you can't say how you would behave. Do you think previous presidents didn't abuse their power? pssshhh. While I may not know much about politics and do not support the abuse of power,corruption or any such ugliness...I think that's how president's roll. Inflation, exposure to newer,nicer,more expensive things...that counts to why the sum for the next 5 years is that big. Why didn't they just calculate per year vele? Mxm. SOme people's job description is just to try and break some children's dreams. I think because of our history, our very new democracy has put those in power in a position of greed cos they don't know how long they'll be there. Its not gonna take a mere 18 years for the black person to realise that we're good now.
I read an article a few years back and this line stuck in my head: If you deprive someone of food for 30 days and then ask that person to serve food to people, do you expect that person to nje just serve and not eat some? Chances are that that person will make sure they eat and also chuf more food for the next week.
North Korea's 1st lady is in the news this week for sporting a +-R12000 Dior bag whilst the country is hungry. Apparently the situation is baaaad there,like...seriously bad. What is she to use? A Nine West?C'mon. That bag is probably not even half of what she's used to. She's the friggin president's wife...standards are different for her. http://www.news24.com/World/News/N-Koreas-first-lady-sports-Dior-style-bag-20120808

This guy is a guy,who because of the past (where most people complaining about his lifestyle were in power and living it up) was a herdsboy who didn't go to school. He won the presidency maan. People, not animals, voted him into that seat. Go campaign and lets see if you get that many votes. I know he made promises and didn't keep etc. I am pissed about that too...but his lifestyle? Until he aint president, brother beta live like a president. Hawu! Akere people are saying they won't vote for him anymore? So the next president must live in a flat in Sunnyside to show their dedication to serving people?
Lets talk about something else toe.

*I'm hiding*

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