Friday, 7 September 2012

Renda is job hunting!

So Renda has asked my mom to find him a job. I shall wait for you to pick your jaw up...yeah...I thought so too. He had once again asked for pocket money yesterday from me and as usual I gave the 'children don't use money' line. The last time I responded like this he had asked me why his school has a tuckshop then. I side eyed him and he scurried away. *hides*
My mom wouldn't give us money as we were growing up either. Tjoooo, my mom would give R2 and say you must share. LOL.

 Kids want to buy the unhealthy snacks sold at schools y'know. My mom would ask what we wanted to buy at the tuck shop and then get all the skoppers, ice blocks, umm...that ghost-sherberty sweet...what was it called again? So we're doing the same with Renda. My sister realised no matter how healthy a lunch he takes from home, he swaps it with another child at school and gets the stuff he wants.

So since I always tell him he will buy stuff I don't approve of with his own money, he decided to enlist the help of my mom to get a job. My response to her, 'tjoo...ehhh,me I can't deal. He can do whatever, mos its his life'
So, if any of you know any job openings for my son, lemme know neh.

Phone parenting is sooo not working. I am so envious of friends who get home tired from  work to deal with homework and attitude before bathtime and bedtime. You guys are sooo having the cream of this Parent-pie. However, I also realise that I need to do what's best for Renda. Right now, he's getting an awesome childhood with my mom.
I am always very aware that though he came into this world via me, he's not my person. He's God's child and his own person. Some of his choices will surprise us.

He's here on the 19th...maybe I can get him a job by then...hmmm....neh?
My working Production.

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