Thursday, 6 September 2012

Disclaimer post

With such  varied audience logging in almost daily to read my thoughts and opinions, I am humbled, scared and excited at the same time. One thing I was not prepared for (silly me) is that not everyone will share my opinions. What may look like logic to me may look like complete nonswons to another. I do wish it wasn't such a schlepp to comment here so I see what readers think. Its just my opinion, not gospel truth. Pull yourself towards yourself.

Its when people throw statements like 'I'm glad you aren't my friend' that I gulp, recoup...then redirect them to Tsubi. I feel Tsubi is best amongst my friends to respond to such statements.
Due to comments over the past days, I have been learning to not blow up at everyone that disagrees with me. This is gonna be a very useful lesson for one like me. You do realise I'm not your average Sue from next door neh? (inside myself hehehehe)
I urge you as a reader to not try and pinpoint who I may be referring to in my blog. I have posted once about a friend after getting her permission. This blog is about my journey, my experiences, MINE. Any similarities to places or people you know is stemming from your own over-creative mind which you could actually apply very productively elsewhere. As long as you are not me, you cannot 'think', 'insinuate' or 'suggest' I was akchuali saying sumtin-sumtin underneath what I'm saying. Why wouldn't I just say it outright? My friend, I am so simple hey. What I say is exactly that. I lack tact so I just blurt out whatever it is as is.

Please do consider that this blog does not generate any money and is meant purely for my enjoyment, my friends (who LUUURV it) and anyone else who wants a silly read while having a cuppa tea.
In comes you with lab coat and notebook to analyse and chop and decide my post is about wat-wat? So what if I speak of people who like hippos and you Aunt Sbongs in Mtata likes hippos and happens to be morbidly obese? Mos me I didn't go to Aunt Sbong's house and say 'pleeeease click and read'. If the shoe fits lovey, she must wear it or not. Whatever. I will write whether you approve or not.

My friends LUV this blog. Tjooooo!!!They say it feels like they're talking to me. I have a few die-hard fans. The non-friends and their gladness at their non-friendness status....ummm...don't hurt me cos you don't like what you read on my blog. Go read another blog that won't lead you to be mean to other people for having an opinion and a place to voice it. I appreciate constructive criticism. By all means, give that. Not bullying me into accepting your opinion.

I breathe.

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