Monday, 1 October 2012

I love love love my MAC

I use Makeup Art Cosmetics (MAC) products. I started using them back in 2008ish. Before that I wasn't really into makeup. I had just bought a L'oreal powder (that I had actually not intended to buy by the way). I had gone to Edgars to get my makeup done before heading off to a friends matric farewell. It had looked so nice I had sommer bought everything the girl had put on me.

I didn't climb onto the Bobbi Brown wagon that swished past and swooped 90% of my friends who were on MAC. I wonder why they left though...perhaps they weren't happy nje...or maybe they just like following trends...or maybe they're just moneyed. Phela Bobbi Brown is more expensive than MAC. Either way, back to the best makeup yet.

Starting with MAC was a whole new experience. I went to their Cresta store...which I think was one of their first stores in Gauteng and those blue/purpled eyed ladies made me up like I had never been made-up before.  By the time I left the store, I had parted with A LOT of money...having bought the brushes and makeup. I haven't looked back since that day.
My favourite product had always been the Studio-fix foundation. That is a pressed powder that you can throw in your purse and use anytime for touch ups. Its very hard to mess up with that one. My only problem is if it falls...the cake breaks into a million pieces...along with your heart if you're never with extra R300 to replace makeup you were only meant to replace in another month. I actually read somewhere how to fix this...doesn't matter anymore though.
Right now I got the Matchmaster foundation. Its like MAGIC ladies! Its translucent but gives a perfect balance of moisture and mattness. It stays on all day and matches your skin perfectly. I have a darker forehead and this foundation doesn't give it that greyish look that other foundations give to parts of your face that are darker. Its also great to not have to worry about having a floating head. That is when the head is lighter or darker than the rest of the a bobbing head. That sentence made me wanna bop my head. :)

One eyeshadow I believe every dark skinned woman should own is Twinks. Its a sorta reddish plum colour with a subtle shimmer that is perfect for the V when you do your smoky eye. It can also be used on the lid nje for an everyday does-she-have-makeup-or-not look. Its a definite must have for dark-skinned tones and I never don't have it. One lasts me about 4-6 months so don't worry too much about the price if you intend to buy it.
I believe every female must at some point in their life experience creme sheen gloss. friend, it pouts for you. Stru! It is slightly expensive and because you can't stop putting it on for the magic-pout, it may or may not be finished in less than a week *nudge-nudge Miz Mizet*

After the initial expensive purchase of MAC, one never has to pay that much at the same time. Its always add-ons from there on. I replace every 3 or 4 months and when I do I go for a free lesson. What you do is you call your local store a few days in advance and they'll give you a midweek appointment to come in and get a full lesson on how to apply your makeup etc. You just need to buy products worth R450 after this. Which is easy to do cos you will probably want everything they put on you...which is usually quite pricey. During the lesson, the lady will be using the same products she is putting on you on a face chart for you to follow when you're home. I always ask them to use the products that I still have so I don't get tempted to buy too many new things. I usually do add a new lipgloss or eyeshadow along with the basics that I had gone out to get.

Blush...hmmm...I had a blush, I gave it to Ilze...I'm certain it looked gorgeous when they put it on me and that's why I bought it. However, I struggle to put it on myself. I always fear looking like a clown. You know mos black people don't blush (visibly) since I'm one that tries to put my makeup as lightly as possible so you don't see it before me, I am very wary of how to properly apply it.

I've never bought the MAC Fix+ spray. This is used to make your makeup not look cakey and to make you glow. Hmm...lemme know how it goes if you do get it. I'm not really sold on it.
I LOVE my makeup, however, I try by all means to not make it come before me. Its not a mask so I try not to wear it like one. The trick I have found to be the way I apply it. I need to pat it on, building it up to the finish I want. Sometimes I use a brush but I find that those triangual wedged sponges give more control on how much goes on your face. The down side is that they do absorb a lot of the product.

the best part of buying mac is that when you have 6 empty containers,you can take them into the store and get a free lipstick. my love for freebies makes me ask the people i gift with a mac product to bring back the empty bottle.*eiishhh*  

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