Wednesday, 10 October 2012

#pleasure I want it!

Timothy Maurice did a series on #pleasure on Sunday...To me, this was a hint to getting closer to answers for the dilemma I am going through. A friend suggested I get Bonnie Henna's book, Eyebags and Dimples...maybe reading about someone who went through difficulties with a smile will help.

Lately, nothing is giving me pleasure. Your genius brain gave you a ground-breaking answer neh? If you thought 'sex', you're probably not the brightest crayon in my box of friends. Mxm. Sbanxa!
Sex is pleasurable...but its shared pleasure. I want to create my own pleasure first. So I can maintain it. People leave you know. When I know how to bring pleasure to myself, I can share pleasure.

#pleasure is not a luxury, it is a profound pathological need.
  • I so agree with this. I feel 'a' need. Its gnawing at me and I can't ignore it anymore. Until I saw this string, I wasn't even sure what it was. It was just an emptiness in me that I automatically wrote off aas depression...but from what?
Through #pleasure we experience the value of life & a sense of control by consciously living out our values.
  • I apparently have a tendency of trying to control everything around me too much. I actually don't even feel it when this happens ey. However, if this were true, I may be trying too hard to protect myself or not be caught off-guard by anything that I end up closing myself off to everything around me in the process.
#pleasure is emotional payment for 'acting out' or achieving values. Whereas pain is derived from feeling hopeless or impotent.
  • I can say I feel a lot of pleasure with the way the weightloss is going. I am achieving what I set out to. My new values are already at home in me. :)
 For the psychologically healthy, #pleasure is achieved from self-control. For the neurotic, it's achieved from desire to escape reality. Being drunk for example, is a desire to escape consciousness. 
A tell tale sign of lacking self-esteem is those needing to escape two places: 1. Reality 2. Their own mind. #pleasure
  • I  may or may not be psychologically healthy...don't laugh dummy. Mxm.
  •  I have mastered self control thou...however, I do live my life with my rose coloured glasses on.

There are 5 key areas that allow #pleasure (I numbered them all 1 cos I can't decide which is more important)
  1. Productive work  
    • I have recently gotten a lot of work here at Sanlam (the people who pay my bills in case you forgot who they are), hence the blog neglection. I love being busy. Its another escape for me. I got a lot of complaints for 'depriving' people of their lunch/bedtime reads. Its so funny. My one colleague says, Chino, you do realise you working so hard is interrupting your blogging? LOL. ummmm...don't make me lose my priorities you!hehehehe.
  1. Human relationships ..
    • I have to work hard at developing and maintaining meaningful relationships. This will only happen when I get out of my comfort zone and smile at strangers. A stranger is mos just a friend I haven't yet met.
  1. Recreation. 
    • Currently its the exercise. I am contemplating joining beach yoga. I went once last year and never went back. Yesterday, I added jogging to the list of cardio I do.
  1. Art.
    • I do stuff around the house when I feel artsy. I paint, I make things. I have lots and lots of crafty things in the house. I also imagine myself gardening...meaning I may start doing it soon neh. Its art isn't it?
  1. Sex.
  • Apparently, if you strip a person of the ability to do productive work, or isolate them from art/recreation, you should expect them to abuse sex.
    •  hmmm...Mama spoke of me replacing sex with summin...could it be she was right? Tjooo. Psychologist without a psychology degree shiiiine!
  • Sex is a celebration of #pleasure eloquently revealing how we view ourselves.
    When you are comfortable with and love yourself, you seek a sexual partner you admire. 
    • This is me. I have to admire you to even think intimacy with you. I don't jump just anything. I'd rather not have sex than ...lets move
  •  But if one lacks self-esteem, subconsciously a partner is chosen to assist in building a #pleasure front.
  • Essentially, whoever you are attracted to sexually, reveals the face of your soul. #pleasure
    • I can tell you now, my soul is dzaaamn sexy if this is true. Mara my friend mos you are sharp with the one you picked neh? Sexy is in the eyes of the beerholder *wink* 

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