Friday, 12 October 2012

Weightloss update

Just a quick update on the weightloss. Its been 3 very different months for me. Guess what, I think I'm gonna keep doing this even when I've lost weight. I love exercising!
Did you know weightloss is actually more about Maths than anything else? I was exercising like a freak after eating a woolies cupcake...matsina its 80% food, 20% exercise. So I am counting my calories like a deranged mathematician in some Swiss Lab errday.

Ok, for breakfast, I have 2 slices of that woolies low gi seed bread and black coffee with no sugar. That 907 kj (the number you see on the packet of food, read people, read your food). Then I go to gym and burn a minimum of 300 calories (sometimes 400). So 300 calories burns about 1260kj (multiply the calories you burn by 4.2 to get how many calories you busted).
I drink lots of water and midday, I snack on carrots or just a green salad. I feed rather than eat these days. Its all purely for sustenance and the food being nice is of no importance. phela once you eat and finish the stomach just works, it doesn't kwatela you for feeding it cabbage and not cake. At about 2pm-ish, I drink my USN Weightloss shake so it can be activating itself in me in preparation for my evening exercises. I tried to jog the other day. Jogged for all of 10minutes which felt like 45 minutes to me. I think I didn't pace myself proper...well, some kids I go to church with said we could all run sonke so I'm thinking of doing that. I still skip to 3000 daily and add cardio. Last night I danced! Yes! Like a crazy white person who learnt her dance moves at the aerobics class. That was fun!

Well, here's the update on my weight:

26-Jul24-Aug07-Sep26-Sep11-Oct    Total Lost     Difference            Goal
BUST          10910810810510361687
WAIST 9995928885141669
HIPS 1191151121121109
WEIGHT 91.0487.6284.6884.0681.929.12
BODY FAT50%38%36.60%36.80%36.30%13.70%14.30%22%
BMI  31.8729.6529.4328.68

Please note the gym scale and my home scale are not the best of friends and disagree my +-2.5kg. Everyone insists I have lost so much weight...I'm not attempting to lose weight hun, I'm transforming myself to the best me I can be. Losing weight is making some changes in the way your tents look on you. Transforming means throwing them away and buying shorts from The Lot. Yeah.

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