Friday, 12 October 2012


Heyyyy, it looks like Spring is finally getting to Cape Town and I'm sooooo excited about what to wear!! I am not buying clothes yet as I still have massive weight losing to do. I think I'll get a few adjustable dresses though as I am running out of stuff that fits. Mint is sooooo gorgeous! Whites! Obviously we've all seen the neons too. Mix that up with a lacy cream or even better crochet top! I could DIE. Colour blocking has calmed down a lot (thank goodness).
I think its the white that's being thrown in to calm down hecticness of the neons that are filling the racks. Yes, I love a pop of neon...I fear a walking neon disaster person though, very much. I don't think you want your neon to take over...naah...maybe make it your belt, clutch or shoe.
Aren't you cray-cray about the lil birdie or feather patterns? I remember me and Ilze were going crazy about these patterns about this time last year and here they are!!!! They are sorta. The dresses are usually cool and nice relaxed, not-too-much-effort colours! I have a gorgeous white halterneck dress with a tulle-thingy in it! tswang-tswang-tswang aliliiii! Its so like a wedding dress, a mini, sexy wedding dress for sexy non-conformists.
Then there's the geometric. Beyonce LOVES these and has always used them in her designs for House of Dereon. Some traditional African cloths work with this dresses but I'm a long time frowner-upon using a nwenda cloth to make a  runway fashion dress....but then again...I'm not a designer neh? Mara why is it done? Its a myyyysssterryyy!

*Nwenda is the cloth used for Venda traditional clothes. It looks stunning worn as it should.

It looks like we have been given a break off the ridiculously high stilettos...heeeyyy, that's not a licence for everyone to go crazy espadrilles some of those shoes look like snow-shoes and you are arresting your foot (I don't know what offence your foot could have done thou). A nice wedge, kitten heels(which I adore) on one of those almost cool.

Do you know what I love more than an A-line dress? A peplum anything. Peplum is the ultimate chic, ladylike, timeless item. It makes skinny girls appear curvaceous and hides all the bits big girls wanna hide. You know its all mos an optical illusion.

Hehehehehe, speaking of optical you think men get disappointed when this illusion disappears? Like you see this well shaped, nicely sculpted babe matsina underneath is that huge ass black friend has a name for it which escapes me now...hopefully she'll call me with the name before I post this. Hehehehe...mara its all good pipo, its all goooood. Happy Spring time!

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