Friday, 9 November 2012

Apparently he can't date you Smurf. Can't or shouldn't...eehhh!

So Smurfy is contemplating 'seeing' a man who is married to his wife. While my jaw was still on the floor, she quickly went on to explain why this idea seems best for her at the moment.
He is already committed to someone else so he won't be too in her face, she says. She doesn't want the drama that comes with being someones default partner. This arrangement, she believes, will be mostly physical with an outing here and there and someone to give more than average hugs when she needs them. I don't know how to separate sex and emotions, but I'm not Smurfy

My other friend chirped in with 'Karma is a bitch and it knows not your logic hun' to which Sweet Smurfy responded, 'Karma has bitched me all the time anyways and I had done it no wrong'. Tjooooo...this is heating up! When we brought out the glorious guilt card with 'How would you feel as the wife with a cheating husband' and threw in the 'impact on the kids' she justly responded that she isn't the wife and can't be involved in other people's issues.
Hmmm...that's true neh?

I do think married people attach a tad too much of their marriage to their genitals. Maybe that's a default setting that comes with marriage. I mean, Smurf doesn't love this guy nor is she intending to get him to leave his wife. In fact, she says if he leaves his wife, she'll bolt too. The fact that the guy has shown an interest in Smurf in the 1st place should be what disturbs the wife...and kids. (Other people's problems thou...shooo)

As much as I understand the immorality of her actions, it got me thinking. I know Smurf, she has a gorgeous heart and has always avoided situations that may potentially hurt other people. She understands that our actions in life do have a ripple effect in the world around us. However, I don't think she cares very much anyway. I have always encouraged her to do HER and stop making other people's problems hers. Here she brings THIS. 
I love reminding my friends that its not all the time that one can take responsibility for other people's feelings. I mean, if wifey asks the husband what's going on and he tells her the truth, she's probably not gonna like it anyway. Arrrgghh...this papers that hold people's genitals together maraaa...but they don't really neh? Take this situation with the framed certificate and 3 extra large photo albums of a memorable day that seems to have meant more to one party than the other...who's being selfish now? Also, its not like he leaves some of the pleasure of his penis (what Smurf is after) when he goes home...

Do you think there will come a time when marriages aren't glued together or torn apart by sex? Yet, when these same men who we know love us go and have sex outside, it causes drama. Hawu? For what now?
Will Smurf be a home-wrecker? Coming between the two? She says she likes her spot on the side and she has no capacity to think for other people (I think by 'other people' she means, Mrs Wife)

With Smurf already aware that Karma may catch up with her if she doesn't die tomorrow, I had no other words than to say Do you nana. After all, she ain't the one married to him and who says some girl won't do that to her should she also down the line decide to ensnare another man using a similar piece of paper that Mrs Wife has on her bedroom wall?
Its reality guys. These things are happening everyday around us. People like different things and guilt tripping Smurf isn't the most loving thing I can do. She might just throw my favourite line back at me: "Don't judge me cos you sin differently from me."
Wives are gonna hate me eeehhh...mara don't love, yours won't cheat. He respects you, your kids and your papers mos? Otherwise why you with him? Don't fight people loveys, not everyone wants to wake up next to that mkhaba you love to rub...some wanna rub and pass it back (it seems...I wouldn't know heeeyy) I rest my case. Ke tseo tsa Smurf!Aa 

PS. Ayeye Karma! What's Karma in Tshivenda?

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