Friday, 9 November 2012

Pig, stop littering!!!

Today I saw a beautiful woman throw a chocolate wrapper out her window into  a field of grass. It gave me a sick feeling. I don't litter. I can't. Its just something that's stuck in my head. Its not a matterof being civilised...its a common sense thing. Common common sense at that. Do you throw wrappers at your mother? Then why at Mother Earth? God doesn't like ugly shem.

How does it feel when one is throwing out a banana peel put a moving car? Who's gonna pick it up? Does it matter? I think these are things that your subconscious shouldn't even consider. Think about it!
Its not only done by 'dirty' people either. I have seen people who keep their homes, cars and offices squeeky clean litter!

Its so ugly and downright insulting to compare it to ancient humans or even any animals...well...pigs perhaps. I'm just sayin.
Don't kill the world

So next time you think of throwing whatever it is out your window. Just be aware you've just ruined that perfect picture you so carefully presented: someone who loves them self, has logic, is not thick-to idiot-who-pretends -to-love-self-but-secretly-hates-self-and-wants-to-bomb-world-starting-with-littering. Eeeuuwww.

Whenever I see it, I think green toxic stinking things. Like they show it in cartoons-green goo with steam coming outta it.
Ok, please remember to throw your crap in bins. No one walks after you picking up your crap.

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