Monday, 12 November 2012

I wish for a safe South AFrica errday-errday :(

I hate trellidoors and burglar cages and all this crap that we install behind every glass surface in our houses!!!! They are ugly and look like cage things and mess up the whole look the blinds were sposed to give over the tainted glass double door in the living room and as for ruinage of the the wooden windows..with the white blinds tah were sposed to look 'tranquil' and 'clean' and 'peaceful'. Do you even know how the pictures look in the brochures for these things? Of course they don't show the ugly trellidoors? But then, cos I'm in friggin South Africa and someone may just 'eeny meeny miny mo' MY house for their next "JOB", so I HAVE to have these ugly BARS behind every friggin opening!!!

Do you know how many nights I wish to sleep with the curtains wide open and the trellidoor pulled back on my couch looking into the garden? Well, sometimes I do keep them open til 9ish. But then I'm never completely ok cos if someone were to pounce in,they'd have that door down in seconds before I even had time to find the back door kitchen, unlock another friggin trellidoor,unlock the kitchen door and jump into the garden where I'm separated from my neighbor with barb wires at the top of our garden walls. Great. No escape route there. AND I can't use any windows cos just a few centimetres from the escape route they seem to have is another friggin cage!

Its frustrating!

I try and understand that these guys feel they are doing what they gotta do to feed their kids or grannies or whatever their reasoning for helping themselves to other people's hard earned stuff is neh. Mara why the threat of me getting raped or shot just for the hell of it during this (increasingly inevitable process)...that's unfair!!!
I saw the TRC, those cops were horrified by what they had done. Killing a person isn't and shouldn't be easy. Like, what the hell is happening to humanity? Are we raising our kids wrong? That they don't respect life enough? Is it the typa movies we grew up watching? Do they think the person will resurrect somehow? You heard that story of the girl killed in Joburg during a hijack? The 13year old? Senseless! You got the car and the phones...why shoot her?
The old people being raped by kids young enough to be their great grand children. I'm not saying white collar fraud that is more acceptable...but this one that includes random murder jo...haai my brother.
We got our freedom...and then what? Stupid!

I'm thinking of getting whistles like that woman who saved herself by blowing one. Keep 1 in each bag. I least I'll have a way to get attention if I was ever invaded y'know? I have started donating to programmes like Shout cos I'm that scared and don't want this kind of fear to be a norm in my daily life.

Done ranting!

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