Friday, 30 November 2012

Here we go again!!!!

As much as I tell myself there's absolutely nothing of substance I like about you...I still do sometimes think the sun rises from your crack. (I know,its insane) I'm logical, ask my friends! I make sense! I am...I really am...til its friggin YOU!

Loving you has always been a roller coaster ride. With so many times that I've been convinced you're the one true one and then thinking...I don't know what to do with you...Yes, Chino gets tongue-tied and stupefied. Like luurvin a blown up picture of Ashton Kutcher at the movies, taking it do I do with this thing now?*side eyes imaginary poster(yummm)*

Then the times when I think...arrogant twat!y' don't make me laugh as often as I'd like, he don't make effort to not make me whatever with him...he's smart and he doesn't mind buying me stuff thou...well,I buy me stuff and I'm a whole lot nicer with myself. What's his problem?

I tell my friends to not be scared to speak to the people they love. Drop the 'let him call 1st' and go ahead and make that call! Be completely honest about how you feel gurl, the only thing that will come back are words. Not bullets. And he just may appreciate your honesty.

But then...I knowingly go ahead and practice Pure Hypocrisy when it comes to you my dear!
I mean, why do I want you when I don't like anything about you. How is it possible to like a person I clearly can't get dzeal with?

We agree on deeper matters...but never on day-to-day matters. Practical to me is whimsiest to you. OMG! You could learn a thing or two shem.
Its the hormones...right?RIGHT???
Okaayyy....calmly...I will relax...moodboard time!

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