Friday, 12 July 2013

Let's stop making lil girls not know their hair.

As black women,we have had hair issues most of our lives. For the minority that were raised by already 'Afrocentric' or maybe even Rastafarians, the battle may have seemed tough growing up...but I know they won the war. 

My hair's been relaxed and plaited since I was a child...well...practically. Let's just say by Grade 2 I'd had a perm...courtesy of my uncle Villa. As I grew up, I had a set routine. Every 4-6 weeks my hair would be relaxed and curled on a Saturday so I'd have nice hair on Sunday, then Sunday afternoon my mom would plait it into buns. That went on til about standard 4...grade something.
By the time I went to high school,my hair was always relaxed.See,I was shown a short cut to dealing with my hair. I never got the opportunity to get to know it myself...know what to do with it in its natural state. That's why to this day, I run to that easy method.

There is a current uproar going on on Twitter about baby wigs. I think someone started selling them...I didn't read up on it. The thought is just too upsetting. My sister has a daughter, Mufunwa. I love that baby as if I popped her myself! She once took a picture of the baby in the wig. Twas a joke...but I didn't laugh. I didn't make a big deal out of it either at the time. 
That picture popped into my head as I read this baby wig tweets.I wanna throw threats of what I will do should she dare get one for the Mufunwa. But I realise its her child, so she'll make her choices as best as she sees it.

As I grew up,the sight of a school kid with a wig 9r weave in school uniform just got disturbing. And they like that rounded kasi one. Looking like Manto Msimang in school. Mxm.
 I just wish we tried to bring up a generation of little black girls who have curly hair and deal with it. Should they wish to straighten it or weave it when they're older and can do it themselves, sure. But they'll know their hair by then. Know how to take care of it. To manage it, style it, be cmfortable in it. It will be all they know mos.I wish I knew my hair more...even as I ponder getting a weave next..

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  1. damaris ramabulana12 July 2013 at 23:03

    The wig thing is wrong,not on babies hey,unnecessary,lets draw the Line,forget identity,blood circulation is primary concern,Let the
    babies Be!!!