Friday, 6 September 2013

Why are the Kardashians so famous?

Almost everyone throws back the same tired answer to this question. 'I don't care', 'they're famous for being famous', 'they're irritating'...all very vague and not original. Those answers irritate me so much I end up going into a rant that makes me sound obsessed with the clan.
I don't set a reminder to watch the shows however, I never really mind watching them when I do catch them on. I'm not a big 'reality' tv fan. I do however love their fashion so most times that's what I watch out for wherever they may pop up.

Kim Kardashian obviously didn't grow up in a working class family. Her father,Robert Kardashian was a top lawyer who came into our radar while representing OJ Simpson. Her stepdad,Bruce Jenner was an athlete, an Olympic winning one at that. So the girls did grow up in an affluent neighborhood and had wealthy and famous friends before the hype moved to their family. She was Paris Hilton's BFF in school and lived next door to Bruce Springsteen. 

Kim, being so stylish and a go getter, used to buy clothes and sell them on ebay. She then moved to shopping for others and closet arranging. One year, Brandy Norwood got into the worst dressedd list. Kim was enlisted to come and change the star's look...we all can see what a difference she made mos?
The paparazzi started snapping at her when she went on a date with Jessica Simpson's ex hubby. He was famous cos he's a producer and of course, his ex boo is an A lister. This was before the Ray J sex tape scandal and all. Her Momager is the one who went and spoke to Ryan Seacrest about having a reality series on the Kardashian clan. With so many of them, there definitely was drama galore.

This post isn't about Kim's love life. Many of you already know it and use those references to pin ugly titles to the mogul. Yes, I called her a mogul. With so many sounded like a suitable word. We all could learn work ethic, authenticity and drive from this hard working woman. Shopping good is hard work. Besides having to be stylish, one needs to be creative, manage to somehow steer away from time limiting fashion while still being 'in with the times'...very hard work trust me. 
This yummy mummy turned this addiction into a multi million dollar empire that now includes DASH, their upmarket boutique, perfume, spinoffs of the original Keeping up with the Kardashians reality show and a BOOK(Kardashian Konfidential)

For one to be famous, usually its because of an accomplishment of sorts...Kim always wanted to be famous...she says so in the book. Perhaps us having this discussion is an accomplishment enough...No one is famous for being famous. 
I mean for one who shudders on hearing name, you sure took time to read this. Soooo...let's all stop hatin and take the positive lessons neeh.

Class dismissed. 

And here's cute Norrie or as we call her here in Mzansi, Baby Mafikeng. (North West is a province in South Africa).

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