Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How am I?

I always struggle with an adequate response to 'how are you?". This question is usually asked out of courtesy. The appropriate response would be 'I'm fine,you?' People don't really ask so you can delve into the actual state of your being. Of course there are times when I have a positive response and I give that happily and we move on. However, there are those times when 'how I am' is just a mess and I don't even feel like euphemising it. With friends, I'll say exactly how I'm feeling...but with others, I'll say ' I'm myself.' Which is the most honest and 'nicest' way I can actually put it.

When Penny asked Sheldon how he is his response was "my existence is a continuum, so I’ve been what I am at each point in the implied time period." I don't know if this will be a better accepted answer that my 'I am myself' one. I'll try it.

Do you think we'll come up with a less intrusive way of starting conversation with others while maintaining courtesy? 
Are there other responses that one can use to answer 'how are you' besides 'I'm fine'? My one friend responds with 'I'm well'...sounds so proper but also a bit aloof. But she's a doctor so wellness is always on her mind I suppose. Are you interested in a person's life story when you ask 'how are you' or are you just following protocol? 

Do you care?

Right now I'm just drained and trying to chase positive thoughts...you can't be positive if you have negative thoughts y'know.

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