Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Talk to the men around you!Please

Please speak to any man you may strike  conversation with and plead with him PLEASE to not rape...kids especially. Then ask him to ask the next man he meets too. Ask him to emphasise what an aweful thing it is to do.
Explain to him how should he ever find himself almost doing it, to think of his own sisters...or daughter. Hone him back to the humane side I believe we all do have.

It can't be normal. He can't be a functioning human being...he cantfeel like a man...
Men!!! Talk to your bra's. Some are not ok...they need our intervention!

A five year old was raped and stuffed with condoms. Another was hung with shoe laces.

Is it the drugs? Drug dealers! Joint pushers, you know a lot of people.  You sell to them...maybe have a lil talk with them? This is for your sisters! Your daughters! You cousin's daughter!

Can't we all play an active role? Please don't get insultwd when someone atrikes a conversation with you against rape. Engage! Discuss ideas! Let it be the new 'how are you'.

Stand up Mzansi! We all know someone who's been raped! Who's next? Me? You? The little girl you like? They're all over these twisted men.

I am not making excuses for this man by saying there's something wrong with him. You know that no normal human being would do the atrocities that we are reading in the papers daily!
I wish the families of these kids strength in this difficult time. Th nation shares their pain, hopefully, that sort of takes a bit of the load off them.

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