Sunday, 15 September 2013

I prefer human interaction, thank you very much.

I don't wanna get to know anyone via an online medium. WTH is wrong with people in this world??? At least I must have met someone before trying to nje buddy up on whatsapp!This is so depressing! Why the hell does this guy think its ok to be unashamedly trying to build a sweet-sweet konyane like thingy with me after 'meeting' me on whatsapp? Is online dating forcing itself on me without my request? 

I've noticed it happening to other people. Snaps for them.   friend of mine got engaged to a guy she met on Facebook. Twas good for a bit...yeah, they broke up...cos online people are not always as themselves as naiveté begs you believe.

The point here is: Don't get people's numbers, introduce yourself on whatsapp and think you are not insulting them to the core!!!like,wth!!! I think people that like virtual interactions with strangers are on dating sites. 

So insulting!

...I have not been able to gently alert this guy to the fact that I am insulted without being either condescending or rude. Maybe not responding will send the message.

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