Thursday, 3 October 2013

Rihanna twerks up errthang in Pour it up video!

So over the past week Rihanna has been posting snippets of the her latest music video. Its Pour it up!!!! With the concert only two weeks away, I'm totally hyped on Rihanna right now! I am a huge fan of Rihanna videos. I really love how she interprets the songs and I love the all that grinding she always does...its so sexy! I'd like to learn that.
Until this morning, her Where have you been video was my absolute favourite. Now, I have a new video to chop up and analyse every bit of! So exciting!

Its sexy, its racy its Rihanna twerkin it up in a friggin denim thong. It is so risque! She twerks on a gold throne and one can understand why she was bored by Miley 2.0's routine. She KNOWS how to do it proper! She clearly took some pole dancing lessons to master all those moves she pulle din this video. Riri is definately a proper strip club lover. Earlier this year it was reported she spent $8000 at a Miami gentle men's club King of Diamonds...hey, maybe now she can go pull some moves there!!
As the song goes, there is a lot of money throwing, Rihanna dollars nogal! Do you see the see through shoes with dollar bill prints? Then the money with Miss Rirri's face. So hot!
I am clearly crazy about this video! Go watch it!
I'm going to the concert, who else???

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