Thursday, 10 October 2013

Kelly Khumalo speaking in tongues!

Kelly Khumalo is one of South Africas most exceptional songbirds. To me, her talent is on the levels of abo Lebo Mathosa and Brenda Fassie! I always feel so blessed when I hear this lady sing.

That said, Kelly has the weirdest ways of staying relevant. I understand artists sometimes need to behave otherwisely to keep us talking...but haai, Kelly just leaves a fan hanging her head in shame jo.

 Remember the granny going to journos this year to say she's the real gogo and the gogo in the reality show Rolling with Kelly was a fake?
Then there was the admission to doing drugs with Jub Jub...then the house almost burning down as the lovebirds had left impepho (African incense) burning.
This week she made headlines for allegedly klapping the wife of her alleged the middle of a busy road...unprovoked.

Somehow I think celebrities should try by all means to avoid such unsavoury publicity. Twerk away if you must...but ghettondicity can never be excused shem. Wear All Stars and a spoti if you wanna exhibit your ghetto fabulousity. Pummeling the wife of someone for whatever reason with rumours that you may be sleeping with her man just reeks of bad home training. The fact that her sister joined in doesn't make this story any better.

After the story broke, Kelly went and suprised Twitter itself. Poor Twitter never saw this one coming!

 She started tweeting in tongues!

At first I didn't think it was her cos the papers claimed she'd be spending the night in jail. However,in an effort to show us she baws and isn't awaitiny an orange jumpsuit somewhere in Hillbrow,she instagrammed a picture of her,her sister and a friend happily doing something that isn't so jail-y.

Fire!Fire!Fire!!! She tweeted. does one start to understand a khelemending person on tweeter mara? Isn't that tongue speaking stuff supposed to be you being ove4whelmed by spirits and angel tongues? So angels would tweet mos...ishh...blasphemous??
Of course knowing these wretched tweeps they grabbed her fire proclamations to other levels. It was so funny. Ungawulokothi sisi!

I'm still baffled shem.
Here's the tweets

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