Thursday, 17 October 2013

Homosexuality and you and you mother

Homosexuality is a very sensitive subject all over the world. A lot of people are truly finding it hard to not care who other people choose to be affectionate with. It is so hectic people are making laws, killing and disowning others just for that. 
To me, a little calming down and asking yourself 'why does it upset me so much?' is an activity worth considering. Because, shouldn't bother you that much. You have your wonderful 'it-had-to-be-them' moment with your partner, allow others to have it too. Only two people get under those covers, take your brain out of it and we'll all live in harmony.

My mom tries to avoid the subject as she knows my sisters and I have homosexual friends, both male and female. However, the subject does come up in conversations and she has to speak up then. 
In a recent conversation, she sort of didn't understand something about one of my homosexual friends as I was relaying one of my looong stories. So she asked 'So is xxx a girl?' I answered 'No mom, he's a guy. A normal guy who speaks like a guy and dresses like a guy who loves other guys...also like him.' She was like 'aaahhh'.

It was at that moment that I realised that this women just doesn't get it shem. I immediately came up with a new 'theory'. Here goes, you can use it to help others too. Sometimes people just hate cos the majority does too...but, if you break things down for them...y' might work.

I said:
       "Mma, you see Renda is left handed? You tried to get him to use his right hand as soon              as we noticed but it just wouldn't work right?"
She agreed.
I reminded her how awful it felt to see him struggling to use his right hand when we were trying to reverse who he is. She remembered it all too well. We eventually let him flourish and be the artist he is using the hand he is most comfortable with. Harmony once again reigned.
That must be close to how it is for a gay little boy to be forced to play with cars when all he wants is a pretty doll. To be subjected to bow ties at Christmas when he'd be truly happier with a pretty dress. 
I told her I think this may be hard for any would be hard for me too if Renda ran to the girl's side of the toy shop sometime when we walk in. However, I'd rather he did that than settled for a truck and batman set that he thought I'd approve of. Its more important that HE is happy. It is every parent's wish.

As parents we have dreams about our kids. Not all our dreams will be as we planned.The little people we helped transport into the world are their own person. Let us allow them.
The bible probably says something about this. However, it also speaks about us not judging other people. Let people live their lives as they see fit. 
She sooo understood. She's gonna give me a proper hug for that when I go home next week.

In conclusion;
Its quite untasteful to be so interested in other people's sexual preferences  Kinda makes you a freak...with a too graphical brain that shows you things you apparently don't wanna imagine which is why you rage over homosexuals. 
Does it disgust you or excite you? It should't do either, its not about you.