Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Compose yourself

One lesson that Mama has been patiently waiting for me to grasp is self composure in the workplace. I'm a very emotional person and what I feel you shall know immediately. I also had a tendency of being too naive and taking things too damn personally.
Because of these feelings on my sleeve, I have found myself in throngs of heartache and anger over events that happen in the workplace. Mama has countless times reminded me that I'm there to do my work and nothing else. Not to make friends, not to be liked, just my to do my work. 

I just didn't get how one can 'separate' from who they are. My very professional-yet-friendly colleague confided in me that she was also the same many years ago. She assured me that I would get it if I applied myself to it...I am finally trying it out...it works.

There will come times when you and your colleagues have differences. Try not to take things at the office too personally. A colleague who goes and bad mouths you or gives you a bad review might not necessarily hate you. People are allowed to mention if your work is not up to scratch. If you know you're doing your job, oppose this bad mouthing with proof that you are doing what you said you would do at your interview. Its also a good idea to set up regular meetings with whoever you report to just to find out if you are on the right track, this to avoid finding out that your hard work is not visible only at appraisal time.

Too many irrelevant things and drama may distract you from fulfilling your obligation to the company that pays you. Don't let it. Do remember that we are in a period where having a job is a privilege and one like me knows not to take it for granted.
Emotions are fleeting and whimsy and have no place in a professional environment. What one needs there is to work. Be committed and do what you are paid to do. No one pays you to 'feel' good about the company. It is a plus, but not the main reason for you being there.

Besides negative emotions at the workplace, we could also make friends. This is all good and well til a personal issue comes along to the office. Should you choose to buddy up in the office, be aware that when your relationship sees red, this will affect your work life. I always jokingly mention that I was alone in my interview...which is true. I am there to work, not to make friends. 

So, chin up. Go to work, keep track of what you're doing and remember, no one hates you...if they do...well...that's their issue. All that concerns anyone in the office when it comes to you is your work. If they think of you more than that...haike, they're on their own. 
Go get that 5/5 review babe!

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