Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Subtweeting...subfacebooking...just tell the person.

Subtweet is a word used to describe a subliminal reference to someone on Twitter. In short, someone dissing someone without directly referring to them. It is usually used in a negative sense as good tweets are mostly appreciated therefore people tag the people they're talking about. This happens on lots of social networks where status updates are setup...even BBM and Whatsapp! 
Apparently this was Winnie Modise's Whatsap status just before dumping her humble hubby. http://www.justcurious.co.za/2013/05/things-that-make-me-go-tjo-15/. To me, this is an example of a subtweet on whatspp . My overactive brain on reading this leaned towards the thought that she may have been referring to her hubby in this status...mara one never can be sure...

I guess some of these subtweet-ers (and subfacebook-ers) are scared of speaking to these 'some people' they refer to in their updates. Its so disturbing. I mean, here I am going to my BBM or Facebook, seeing a dear friend has a new profile picture, check it out its a huge fat finger pointing directly at me with silly text under it like 'You claim to love me but you diss me' or a status about friends that should keep their advise to themselves when I am aware the day before you had come to me with your troubles and heard my opinion...or even when I haven't done anything - these posts just leave a bitter taste in my mouth. 
Like, for what? Threaten the person you have issues with, don't unsettle your other friends. 

I respect and appreciate a friend who doesn't take our tiffs or even wars to social networks. Start posting 'Some people...(fill in with whatever difference you had with them)'. It shows they are mature...and their life doesn't revolve around our tiff.
The tiff with that person should not warrant such a reaction that you wish to document in your online world so your future great grand kids can see what a whiner you were just because a friend did not say what you wanted them to say? You may start contradicting these carefully selected affirmations you downloaded from the internet. You see statuses that say the person doesn't care about these 'some people'. However they took time to find a suitable jabbing update directed at the same people they don't care about...a bit too much attention is being focused the very things you are supposed to not be caring about.

When I get sub-facebooked I immediately delete this friend cos I feel I do not have to subject myself to attacks of a coward hiding behind motivational speakers words or worse, bible verses that are now twisted to be directed at me. Speak to the people who you have issues directly.
I guess a way to avoid being led to the subtweeting hell is to avoid people that bring bad feelings to you. Unfollow them, hide them...just don't stoop so low as to fill your online timeline with hate letters to people you 'don't care' about that you can't deliver directly to them...
or see a therapist...seriyas.

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